RockSolidColo data services

RockSolidColo Network™ is a leading provider of managed hosting solutions for small, medium & large size enterprises. Based in Miami Fl, RockSolidColo Network is privately held, stable, and growing rapidly. We began operations in 1993 as telecommunications provider, and recently changed our name to better reflect our focus on providing Connectivity of all types from T1 to OC48. We also offer fully managed dedicated server hosting.

Award Winning Level(3)™ Infrastructure
Rock Solid Colo uses Level(3)™ global network for it's primary IP backbone. Level(3)™ has built a global communications network unlike any other. It's the most advanced communications platform in the world. It is the first network to be completely optimized for advanced IP (Internet Protocol) technology, & the first to be fully and continuously upgradeable - enabling Level(3)™ to continue to deploy new, superior technology as it is developed.

Superior Redundancy Platforms for all size networks
Many of our locations operate 2 diverse parallel networks. Our redundant Internet service consists of a cross connects from both networks. Only 1 Internet connection (Network #1) is active at any given time unless service is disrupted. The instance a disruption is detected automatically all traffic will be routed via the 2nd cross connect (Network #2). Which operates on a full size network identical to the #1 the 2nd network also features a completely separate power grid for added redundancy.

Rock-solid Reliability
We set the standard for Internet services providing our customers value by building long-term relationships with our clients and partners on the solid foundation of honest personalized customer service, custom-tailored solutions, and excellence.

Leading-edge Capabilities & Smart Growth
Our unmatched technical expertise and years of experience reflect our authentic love for technology. We work hard to provide our clients the best lines & hosting services possible. We genuinely care about building the most effective & efficient solution for our clients that best meets their unique technical needs of any size from 1 server to 10000 servers.

We Feature Tier 1 standard World-class Facilities
We serve our clients globally through our primary data centers in Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Newark, Germany, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris are just some of the facilities we currently have our footprint in. We also have rapid planned expansions in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other major US-cities. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and fully redundant, providing our clients with a supremely stable and secure network environment. And now offering a second fully redundant back up line in select locations.

Partnership Program
Although we focus exclusively on managed hosting, we seek to augment the services we provide to our clients through active partnerships with technology service providers who specialize in services our clients need. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of our Partnership Program and join us.

Our Managed Hosting Services Include:
  • Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Complex Hosting Solutions
  • Co-location Services
  • Shared Server Hosting
Our Value Added Services Include:
  • Load Balancing
  • Managed Security
  • Data Restoration & Back-ups
  • Managed Storage
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)
  • Streaming Media
  • T1 Access
  • If you need it we can do it


WORLD-WIDE Availabity

At RockSolidColo, we understand that establishing a presence on the Internet can be very expensive. After you add up the costs of a dedicated connection to the Internet, hardware, facilities, and, staff, it can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Dedicated Servers:

Let us provide you with a high end, managed dedicated server system adequate to serve millions of hits a month. We have a hosting plan for every size business.

Reseller Program:

Start your own business today with discounts of up to 50% through the RockSolidColo Network reseller program. Get started and make money today!